CloudLinux (w/ CageFS) & LiteSpeed

CloudLinux isolates each tenant so that no matter what, the tenant can never exceed the resources allocated to them. During a sudden resource spike all other tenants are left unaffected! Which translates to maximum stability & speed for your website. Cloudlinux is also much more robust against hacking attempts.
We also use LiteSpeed, up to 9 times faster than Apache web servers and increases performance of PHP by 50% and SSL by 3 times. LiteMage (Magento Super Cache) and LS Cache are also enabled.

cPanel & Web Application Firewall

All our servers are setup with latest cPanel with tons of options for beginners up to professional web developpers. You will be able to easily manage your Cloudflare and Railgun, backups, domains, emails, directories, FTP, and much more.
We are also running Atomicorp Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect against most attacks (SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Data Theft and Information Leakage, Web Application Vulnerabilities and more).

Daily Remote Backups & Anti-Spam

Even if our servers have different technologies to alleviate data loss, we run daily remote backups to secure your data. You will be able to restore directly from your control panel using the R1Soft Restore Backups icon. (30 days retention)
All plans also include free antispam using Mailscanner, fully manageable via cPanel.

Let'sEncrypt SSL / Git / SSH

Free Let'sEncrypt SSL Certificates are automatically generated and renewed for your domains. No action required!
We enabled many tools/library for developers: Git, SSH, Ruby On Rails, Perl, CGI, Python, Server Side Includes, cURL, GD2, ionCube PHP Loader, Zend Guard Loader, Logs (Awstats, Logaholic, Webalizer), ImageMagick, phpMyAdmin & more.

Latest PHP & MariaDB

You will have the flexibility to select the PHP version you need, including 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 as well as more than 50 PHP extensions. Older hardened versions available on demand. You will also benefit from the speed and stability improvements of MariaDB (10.1) that replaces MySQL.

400+ Automated Install Scripts

Install with 1-click the most popular scripts, like Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB, etc, with Softaculous Enterprise.